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Posted by : Unknown Aug 23, 2015

I gotta say, MILF is the best lol.
Kaoru as a MILF is not bad, too.

Good day, guys! So finally and finally, done with episode 89 and 90.
I found some interesting things while reading the comic book from which the "Young Akechi's Splendid Challenge" case was introduced. Here you go:

You can see that Gondou guy, the detective who arrested Akechi, said (the translations on the bottom panel are): "The way you talk... is just like your father's."
I don't understand why this part is not included in the anime. But judging from this expression, we can conclude that Akechi's father is one hell of a guy that has an important position in Police. And one more thing, lots of Police in the series also hate his father, maybe they thought he was annoying just like what we saw on the prologue of episode 88? When Akechi's subordinates were chitchatting about how Akechi is so annoying.

No, that is just Kindaichi, he knew how to take advantage when you're about to fall lolol.

Anyway, here's the download link for both episodes:
Episode 089:
Episode 090:

Enjoy! More links will be added later.

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  1. soal bapaknya akechi, itu pernah dijelaskan di kasus kastil lilin. bapaknya dulu bertangung jawab atas sebuah kasus perampokkan besar. tapi karena metode dan antusiasnya, banyak koleganya yang tidak suka dengannya.


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