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Posted by : Unknown Jan 18, 2015

Good day, good people.
Since most of my friends didn't want to help us in the translations, I'll just post it here.
Kindaichi Lovers needs more staffs, especially the English manga project, because we have to admit that it was the most neglected project here.

What we need:
- Indonesian to English translator.
- Typesetter.

Eligibility: (Wth, is this a scholarship form?)
- For the Indonesian to English translator, you should be:
   1. Able to translate Indonesian to English well. (A good toefl score would be best, lol)
   2. Have a steady internet connection. 
   3. Able to work in teams.
   4. Have a good sense of humor. (Wtf is this? Stand up comedy?)

- For the manga typesetter, you should be:
  1. Able to use Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Creative in making some correction when the sentence is too long to be placed on the dialog's bubble.
  3. Have a steady internet connection.
  4. Able to work in teams.
  5. Have a good sense of humor. (The same comment, lol)

Anyone willing to help us, just send us a message regarding the application.
Send a message to Kindaichi Lovers fanpage

We need an Indonesian to English translator because we use an Indonesian script translated from Japanese by Minami Kazamatsuri for the manga as a base script to do the English.
If you can translate Japanese directly to English, that would be even better.

The on-going project for the English manga is Kindaichi Returns Series Third Case: The Drifting Fire Fox Murder Case, and Kindaichi Returns Series First Case: Snow Goblin Legend Murder Case.

There will be another one with the raw cleanings provided by A, the Kindaichi Returns Series Second Case: Ghost School Building Murders.

Thank you.
Best regards.

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  1. I want to help but I'm not good in Indonesian to English translation (I prefer like English to Indonesian) . I can be typesetter. But how can I work if I don't know what to type?

  2. What we mean with typesetter, is not the typesetter of the anime, but the manga. Applying the mangas' dialog text to its corresponding dialog bubble.
    Of course using any picture-editing tools like Photoshop and the others.
    Want to try it?

  3. And why the "able to work in team" is included in one of the criteria?

  4. Haha. I get what you saying. But what I mean is like " What should I write down on the dialog bubble". It means someone must tell me to type a certain text in a certain bubble dialog.

  5. That's why, my bro. If you are the typesetter, you'll receive a script of dialogues from the translator(s) which have been edited and proof read before.
    No need to worry about what you should write on the dialogues' bubbles.

  6. If You have data to be written down now, give it to me. This days I've some of spare time.

  7. Do you guys still need more Indonesian to English translators?

  8. Yes. We're still need Indonesian-English translator.

  9. I see. Thank you for answering!


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