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Posted by : Unknown Apr 3, 2015

Good day as always, good people!
We are veeeery sorry that we got ourselves many and many troubles of translating this two episodes.
Nah, not that it matters anymore.

We have two episodes rolling for you guys to watch.

Episode 082: DOWNLOAD
Episode 083: DOWNLOAD

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  1. So each episode is "mirror maze murder case" and "Unlucky men in rain"?

  2. Yup, we use the translations of each title from the wikipedia, lol.
    Mirror Labyrinth Murder and Police Detective Akechi's Splendid Inference.

  3. Thank you for your feedback, Kuga.
    First of all, since we translate all of the episodes we do from Japanese to Indonesian, we only have one Japanese translator here, he's Minami. Then, from Indonesia to English, by me myself. Maybe you could say we're short on manpower. Well, we do have another Indonesian-English translator, but she's more to the manga.
    Second, we do a partnership with KFR Fansub, from France. And we have this one to one episode trading. We give them one episode, they give us one episode, all in English. So my point here is, when we should make the script for, say episode 82, we have to delay it since we have another job to give KFR another episode, too, for example, episode 92. So it's like delaying the past episode for a faster future episode.
    Believe me, we have tons (well, not really tons hahaha) of final scripts waiting to be posted. Actually, episode 083 here was finished long, long time ago (one of our trading with KFR).
    Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for this two episodes. :)

  5. Thank you KingBoo. By the way, you always said "Thank you" whenever we upload a new episode. That just makes me want to thank you too for it :)

  6. Of course I do that. It makes me every time happy and I´m grateful that you guys are bringing (more) Kindaichi to us. ^.~
    I can´t do much (to help you guys), besides giving thanks to your work and efforts or support you.


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