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Posted by : Fuyuki Takagi Mar 29, 2022

オペラ座館 ‐ 新たなる殺人

(Opera Zakan - Aratanaru Satsujin)

Opera House, The New Murder

The Phantom of The Opera.

March 2022 Release #2
Hello, guys. It's been a few years since we announced to did this project. At last, we make it.
We have an announcement for you. Our page on Facebook was taken down. We know this will come, so we won't make any pages. Also, many of our files at Gdrive can't be downloaded, and it needs to reupload.
Back to the novel, we did something different from now.
We upload two different files. The preview version and the full version.
The preview version will upload at Gdrive, while the full version will upload at Mega.
Especially for the full version, we won't give a full link. It needs the decryption key to download the file, while the preview version does not require such a thing.
I will give you the riddle to get the decryption key for the full version. Don't worry, it's easy.
"My decryption key? If you want it, I'll grant it! Search on! I left in one place!"
Seems familiar, right?
Trust me, it's an easy one.
I hope you enjoy it and see you next time.

Also, join our discord app chatroom here.

I forgot one thing. For the Indonesian version, we will upload it later. It takes longer than we thought.
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