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Posted by : Fuyuki Takagi Apr 18, 2016

In The Case of The Murders Around Alchemy.

This time is an investigation about Alchemy by Theseus.

 The characters in this case arrived at the island renkin on which they are each housed in one of the rooms of the 2nd floor of one building of this land. But the plan of this story is very original and recalls something Hajime. It was only the third episode of the investigation that Kindaichi will remember seeing something that reminded him of it in the library of his grandfather and find the same kind of symbol in a book he found the building where it is located (10 minutes after the beginning of episode 8 of Kindaichi return in the first season). (file a)

 This is one of 8 figures that appear in the alchemy book Sylva philosophorum and written by Cornelius Petraeus in the seventeenth century. This symbol represents the development of the philosopher's stone. Here is the translation of what is written in Latin on this scheme. On the outer circle is written : sed omnibus paucis luceo, ie "for all and yet for some I light" (ie motto). Then the 4 elements are each represented on a square angle : ignis : fire, aer : air, terra : earth and aqua : water. On the octagon are inscribed the qualities of the four elements listed above : calidus, hot, humidus (male) or humida (female), wet, frigida, cold, siccus (male) or sicca, or dry hair. The relationship between the fire and the air is described as activated, active and that between the earth and water as passiva passive. Fire and earth are said sulphurea : sulfuric. As the air and water are said mercurialia : mercurial. There is also a triangle with an inscription in each corner : sol, sun, luna, moon and azoth, an alchemical term for "raw material". Then we read on the lines of the triangle non est : it is not. While the lines that join the center of the image is written est : it is. Finally, there remains that what is central : lapis philosophorum, the stone of the philosophers.


File A - 8th figure of Sylva Philosophorum 10

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