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Posted by : Fuyuki Takagi Feb 27, 2018


Kuro Majutsu Satsujin Jiken

Black Magic Murder Case

Part 1

Show The Soul Stored In This Doll
It's Way To The Afterlife!
February Release #5
It's time to reveal our SECRET PROJECT.
That is OAD part 1, Black Magic Murder Case.
Actually, we have translation of this episode from KFR Fansub since 2014.
At that time, me (Fuyuki), Otong39 and Zuko had translating it into Indonesian.
After that, we are so busy with our real life and forgetting this project.
I try to revive this project. At last, with Irregular Scans's member and Quazza's helps, we can make it.
But, I can't give you an estimated time for episode 2.
We will release episode 2 when the time is come.

Just a trivial info.
This case have a small parts connection with Heresy Mansion Murder Case (Case 8 of Kindaichi Light Novel that haven't get an anime adaptation.)
I can't tell you what is that, because that is a spoiler.

I hope you enjoy with this case.
Thank you for everyone who helping this secret project.
Without you guys, I'm just a Kindaichi Lovers who can't speak in english well. (Fuyuki)
See you!

Who is The Killer?!

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  1. Ty for this keep it up guys i need to finish this series XD ty so much i appreciate you guys


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