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Posted by : Fuyuki Takagi Oct 16, 2018


Satsuriku no Deep Blue

Massacre of Deep Blue

File 3

It's time for King Caesar kills the hostages by himself!
October Release #3 (Eng)
It's time for King Caesar makes a move.
And the next victim is ....

Okay. It's time for me (Fuyuki) to explain the terrorists' code name.
They code name were from the deities names of Ancient Canaanite religion, which comprises the modern regions of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.
1. Baal (/ˈbeɪəl, ˈbɑːəl/), properly Baʿal, is God of fertility, weather, rain, wind, lightning, seasons, war, patron of sailors and sea-going merchants, leader of the Rephaim (ancestral spirits). In Ancient Canaanite religion knows as a few different Gods:
a. Ba'al Hadad (lit. master of thunder), storm god. Often referred to as Baalshamin.
b. Ba'al Hermon, titular local deity of Mount Hermon.
c. Baal Hammon, god of fertility and renewer of all energies in the Phoenician colonies of the Western Mediterranean.
d. Baalat or Baalit, the wife or female counterpart of Baal (also Belili).
2. ’Ēl  also called 'Il or Elyon ("Most High"), include the supreme god of the ancient Canaanite religion and the supreme god of East Semitic speakers in the Early Dynastic Period.
3. Mot or Mawat, god of death (not worshiped or given offerings).
4. Yam, the god of the sea and the river, also called Judge Nahar (judge of the river.)
5. Anat, virgin goddess of war and strife, sister and putative mate of Ba'al Hadad.
You can visit this link to read the full article about Deities of Ancient Canaanite Religion.

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